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Maxine Roberts

Maxine is highly experienced teacher and children’s services professional who has lead partnerships between a diverse range of stakeholders on major national children’s services contracts, to deliver improved outcomes.

Strengths include:

  • Excellent facilitation, coaching and brokerage skills
  • Project management to deliver strategic and operational change
  • Development of leadership skills in 'not for profit' organisations
  • Design and delivery of workforce development products and training packages
  • Specialisms in Early Years and Special Educational Needs
  • Engaging commitment to developing system leadership across children and young people’s services to improve outcomes.

A teacher of children with special needs and early years’ specialist by background, Maxine has assisted “not for profit” organisations in growing their presence in schools, social care settings and work places.  

Previously an Assistant Director in a large County Council with responsibility for Children’s Services Policy and Development, she has a range of valuable skills and experience, including the ability to:

  • Facilitate strategic partnership working at governmental, national and regional levels to ensure stakeholder engagement in the delivery of children’s services.
  • Facilitate and promote the development and work of Children and Young People’s Services to integrate service design and delivery and achieve the best outcomes for children and families.
  • Lead the development and implementation of a “change process” to establish and promote strategic, cultural and organisational change within Public Sector settings along with partner agencies including the voluntary, community and faith sectors.
  • Provide strategic planning and implementation expertise across a range of early years, special educational needs and childcare services.
  • Design and deliver workforce development products and training packages
  • Provide professional services/resources in Health, Social Services and Education to children and their families including case reviews, issues relating to professional conduct and disciplinary action.

Maxine is able to work with practitioners at all levels, using coaching and mentoring techniques and working collaboratively to find solutions to challenges, with a relentless focus on improving outcomes for children and families.