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Daphne McKenna

Daphne McKenna is a highly experienced, registered social worker specialising in safeguarding children and care planning.  She has combined extensive local authority experience at all levels, most significantly as a child protection conference chair and independent reviewing officer, with a ten year career in developing and delivering training in a wide range of agency settings.  She now trains full time.

Daphne draws on this extensive expertise to both make her training compelling and relevant to a wide range of participants across a variety of disciplines in both statutory and voluntary sectors in London and across the UK and also to accurately meet the needs of commissioners wanting to drive up practice standards.  Her considerable current experience of working with groups in health, education and housing, demonstrates her personal commitment to improve the lives of children through the development of effective multi-agency working.

She is actively engaged in training and supporting students and newly qualified staff.  Her particular area of interest is parental mental health and child welfare. She co-authored the highly acclaimed national e-learning resource in this area.  She was also the subject expert on an award winning adult safeguarding e-learning programme, so is uniquely able to deliver joint children and adults safeguarding training.  In addition, Daphne is an experienced facilitator and consultant with the skills to enable groups and organisations to identify and implement necessary change in line with current best practice.

Daphne also has a significant experience in procedure writing and best practice recording.  Daphne is highly regarded as a clear, knowledgeable and authoritative trainer.  Her skills lie in her ability to communicate clearly with staff across all levels, validate their experiences and expertise and make training completely relevant to their needs.

Daphne has most recently worked with a national children's charity, a large London mental health  trust, a registered social housing provider as well as several children's social care departments and safeguarding boards.

Professional qualifications

Daphne holds a CQSW and an MSc in Social work studies.