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Debbie Garvey

Debbie has over three decades of experience working across the private, voluntary, maintained and independent early childhood sector. From practitioner, through to strategic LA level, she has a wealth of experience across diverse areas of society and has particular interests in neuroscience/early brain development, leadership in early years and marginalised groups (in particular Gypsy/Roma Traveller families and Transgender children). As as a qualified mentor Debbie has extensive experience in supporting practitioners across a diverse range of workplaces, as well as through university-based programmes such as NPQICL (National Professional Qualification in Integrated Centre Leadership) and EYP/T (Early Years Professional/Teacher) for example.  

Debbie has trained over 25,000 practitioners nationally on a wide-variety of early years focused subjects including SEND, vulnerable families, PSED, leadership, behaviour, peer observation, child development, healthy eating and peer support and challenge for example.

Debbie is a National Children’s Bureau lead trainer and an accredited Centre for Excellence and Outcomes (C4E0) and NCB skilled sector specialist, trainer and peer supporter and regularly contributes to national publications, and is a highly regarded author and writer.

Debbie is currently working with Jessica Kingsley Publishers Ltd, and her book ‘Performance Management in Early Years Settings’ was published in March 2017. Her third book, ‘Nurturing Personal, Social and Emotional Development in Early Childhood: A Practical Guide to Understanding Brain Development and Young Children’s Behaviour’ will be published in the Autumn of 2017. Further writing projects including, reflective practice based books, and a book supporting work with marginalised children, will follow in 2018. Debbie continues to be a vocal advocate for reflective practice based training on a range of early years and leadership topics throughout the UK and Ireland.