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Dr Juliet Starbuck

Juliet was the Think Family Commissioner for a large two-tier local authority. She played a fundamental part in the implementation of the Troubled Families Programme and had strategic, commissioning and subject matter responsibilities. She has expert knowledge of Family Intervention Projects and the Family Nurse Partnership. Prior to that she was the Parenting Commissioner for the same large authority and co-wrote and delivered the Parenting Strategy. This included oversight of the roll out of evidence based parenting programmes across the county. Juliet is committed to partnership working and established strong relationships across all sectors to achieve the best for children, young people and their families.

Juliet is an educational psychologist and uses psychology to bring about positive change for children, young people, their schools and families. She is committed to supporting schools and public and voluntary sector organisations to support vulnerable families. Juliet’s passion for this work was ignited when she worked as a senior educational psychologist in a large Youth Offending Service where she managed the education, training and employment, parenting, prevention, and restorative justice teams.

Juliet is an academic and professional tutor at University College London. She lectures in youth offending, restorative justice, motivation, adolescence, dealing with stressful encounters and team building, amongst other things. She is a thesis tutor and examiner and so has excellent research skills and knowledge of evidence based and/or informed practice.

Juliet has taught in mainstream secondary, special and private schools. She has also written in various publications.  Juliet is also an experienced trainer. She has trained professionals from a range of backgrounds in parenting skills, working with parents, restorative justice, conciliation skills (in particular helping staff to avoid conflict with parents of children with special educational needs and disabilities) and ‘thinking family’.

Professional qualifications

Juliet is a chartered psychologist.  Her qualifications include a doctorate in educational and child psychology, a masters degree in educational and child psychology, a post graduate certificate in education, a certificate in resource based therapies and a degree in sports science.