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James Mahon

James is an economist and statistician with over ten years experience of evaluating clinical and public health interventions as well as economic, quantitative and qualitative evaluations across social care and education. As the lead economist for the Commission for Social Care Inspection he was the lead author for annual State of Social Care report and created tools to challenge the quality of care service commissioning by Local Authorities He has particular experience in linking long term outcomes to short term changes in behaviour and projecting potential savings, leading the economic evaluation of Think Family Pathfinders. He has undertaken evaluatory research for Government departments including the DfE and the Department of Health as well as the Scottish Government, NICE, multinational companies and start ups and with charities.

The breadth of James' experience across not only different areas of public policy but also with the academic, public, private and voluntary sectors gives him a deep understanding of the complexity and of public service provision and the knowledge of the right questions to ask and where to find the answers. As an economist he brings an approach to evaluation that provides decision makers with robust information on resource implications and outcomes of a programme in an understandable form.