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Sharif Al-Rousi

Sharif has substantial experience of leading and working with both universal and targeted services.  Sharif has worked as the lead officer for family work and held a number of operational and project management roles across children’s services in Local Authorities for children’s centres, parent support, extended schools, intensive family support and service user consultation and business transformation.

Sharif has a background in teaching and has designed and delivered numerous training programmes for frontline practitioners working with families, including the development of specific skills-based training for workers new to whole-family working for Suffolk County Council.

He is also an assessor and mentor for children’s centre leaders and early years teachers.

Over the last 12 months Sharif has supported Cambridgeshire County Council in their parenting and family work including overseeing the streamlining and focus of both parenting courses and 1-1 family interventions, and development of performance the regime and quality standards.

Professional qualifications

Sharif has a master of business administration degree and a masters in professional and work related learning.  He is also a qualified teacher and holds the national professional qualification in integrated leadership.