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Coaching can make a significant contribution to bringing out the best in people, support them to manage challenges and remove obstacles. Our coaching offer will develop individuals at all levels to achieve their full potential. We can support you to close the gap between potential and performance.

We can provide:

  • 1-1 coaching sessions (typically 4 x 90 minute).
  • Consolidating Action Learning Sets for 2+ Coachees designed to challenge thinking, stimulate creativity and provide the tools and techniques they need to build awareness and confidence.
  • Training on coaching skills 

Coaching can cover anything but some areas you might want to consider are:

Assertiveness Improve an important relationship
Communication Manage time better
Tackle performance problems in my organisation Decide what I want to do as my next steps
Plan entry into a new job Restructure my service/organisation
Tackle stress in my life Get a better work life
Overcoming procrastination Develop into new roles
Joining a new team Confidence issues
Conflict issues Change issues
Promotional and succession issues Overcoming trauma related to work

Thank you so much for this wonderful service. I can't articulate what this has done for me - thank you.


I think this should be offered to every Social Worker and Manager and be readily available at any time for them to access.


This was perfect for me and had I had it years ago  - I think it would have saved a lot of stress and ongoing trauma.


This was excellent and I a so grateful for the support given to me which has enabled me to finally move on from a challenging chapter in my life.

Our coaching offer and action learning sets are focused on equipping managers with the leadership skills they need to develop workers in their teams, ensuring they are focused on practice and have the skills and motivation they need to undertake genuinely transformational work.

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