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Cost calculator packages

In the current financial and political climate it is vital to demonstrate service productivity, positive family outcomes and value for money. The cost calculator tool helps you to estimate the costs and predicted savings of delivering intensive interventions to families. The aim is to give a broad estimate based upon a list of specified unit costs.

We created the initial Family Savings Calculator when we were part of the DfE and we regularly update this.  We have worked with DCLG, Ecorys and New Economy and have recently aligned the costs to ensure that local areas are able to provide the data required to the DCLG Troubled Families team. At the same time these areas can have a locally in depth and useful tool which helps services and partners to estimate the costs and predicted savings of delivering intensive interventions to families with multiple problems.

We provide a basic version of this FREE. Please contact us to request a copy.

Managers, front line workers and project support staff can use the tool to produce individual and service-wide calculations of costs per family - before and after an intervention. This indicates total savings or costs avoided which, in turn, can help demonstrate value for money and cost effectiveness of service delivery.

Cost calculator training and support

We have a range of training and support options covering how to:

  • make the most out of the calculator
  • interpret the data and calculations
  • demonstrate value for money

A free comprehensive guide ensures participants can use the tool to its best effect. 

Bespoke tool

We can also provide a bespoke calculator specific to your needs to include:

  • Bespoke design that has a primary focus to demonstrate cost savings to housing providers. It uses localised data based on one housing provider but has the ability to change data sets for use with other housing providers' costs.  Cost savings would demonstrate reduction in rent arrears, predicted costs of doing nothing (e.g. likely rent arrears without intervention), other costs/savings associated with ASB, damage to property, warnings, serving notices and eviction.
  • Ability to show percentage of families that set up payment plan and/or those in credit at end of programme.
  • Ability to demonstrate additional savings and value for money on a range of data such as reducing other debts, improving school attendance, families returning to work, reduction in benefit claims, effective use of health services. 
  • Ability to show breakdown of operational costs and for user to be able to change as required.
  • To incorporate your own branding using logo and colours within design to support business development and promotion.

For further information or to commission a service please contact us


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