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Evaluation and monitoring

Current financial constraints increase the need for cost effective services with clear evidence of outcomes.

At Interface, we develop and implement flexible, mixed-method approaches that blend qualitative and quantitative methods to determine not just whether a program works, but how it works, why it works, and where it can work best. We have a range of tools and a proven track record of working with areas on the monitoring and development of systems and approaches to ensure local impact can be quantified and outcomes improved.

We are highly skilled in undertaking primary research with families, exploring case files, reviewing practice and interviewing family members, including children.  Our practical experience means we can spot gaps in practice that others may not, and have a clear sense of what is achievable for families.

We can also help you evaluate your programme using: 

  • logic modelling and process maps
  • full programme assessment
  • assessment on impact on outcomes
  • on-going self-evaluation and support

We can deliver a local workshop for you and your partners or a bespoke service tailored to your needs.  We have developed, and regularly updated our own cost calculator and can provide training on its use evaluating cost savings for families. 

Social and fiscal return on investment models

We provide a social return on investment (SROI) and a fiscal return on investment (FROI) model to support your evaluation. With considerable experience of developing business cases, we can help you demonstrate outcomes and value for money.

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Interface are trusted by…

It was possible to access the wider team of consultants within Interface which added considerable value to their offer as on occasion additional skills and advice were required.

Children & Families Commissioning Team (Project Manager)

Interface carried out an evaluation of our Early Help services. We were particularly impressed with the range of skills and experience across the team and the way they liaised with family members and professionals. Also, the regular communication and management of the process.

The team were very flexible and the report was well written in plain English.
We were very pleased with the evaluation and the reports will inform our service development and practice.

Ruth Beecher, Service Manager, Early Help for Families (Islington)