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Information sharing

Information sharing is key to delivering better, more efficient coordinated services.  It is essential for early intervention and prevention, for safeguarding and working with vulnerable individuals and families.

Information sharing workshops

Our information sharing workshops help you and your partners explore the legal context for data sharing and enable collaborative working by addressing issues such as a lack of trust, misunderstanding of the Data Protection Act and organisational culture.  They include:

  • an exploration of your current perceptions regarding data sharing
  • an overview of the legal context including the Data Protection Act; 1989 Children's Act; Crime and Disorder Act 1998; Local Government Act 2000; Children's Act 2004; and the NHS Act 2006
  • a review of your current data sharing protocols and procedures
  • a case study of a local authority that focused on data sharing at a strategic and an operational level with an analysis of lessons learnt
  • planning and scheduling time to support your next steps

As a result of the workshop participants will:

  • understand collective issues and concerns related to data sharing
  • understand the legal context
  • have increased confidence about data sharing 
  • be ready to move forward

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