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Schools' vulnerable children audit tool

Interface have worked with schools to develop an electronic tool to help school leaders, governors, teachers, support-staff and multi-agency partners to identify vulnerable children and their families and work more effectively and efficiently with them.

Extensive research demonstrates the link between vulnerability and levels of attainment and achievement for individual children. The recent DfE Family Stressors research provides clear evidence that children can experience a range of stressful situations which lead to potential vulnerability regarding their educational development and well-being.  The findings are helpful in flagging up the areas where children may be at risk of failing badly on educational and well-being outcomes, and where interventions (by schools working in partnership with other agencies) might be justifiably targeted to help close “achievement gaps”.

Converting that knowledge into strategies and interventions is difficult. Tracking the impact of those strategies and interventions is a further challenge. That's why we developed our “Schools Vulnerable Children Audit tool”, which incorporates the factors identified in the research as having a clear impact on children's educational achievement.

What does the tool help schools to do?

  • Analyse in depth the “anatomy” of the child’s vulnerability. The tool enables the school to input a thorough and detailed “holistic” analysis – using a range of vulnerability indicators – the potential vulnerability of children in your school. The indicators have been derived from practice and from research including the most recent research which established links between vulnerability factors and children’s academic achievement.
  • Record the actions/interventions which they have put into place to help mitigate the effects of the vulnerability factors.
  • Record the impact of the above actions/ interventions. The tool allows details of the impact to be entered as text, as well as enabling up to three up-to-date vulnerability assessments to be made for each child so that changes can be recognised.
  • Analyse the nature of the vulnerability of children across the school so that decisions can be made about resource allocations and group level interventions. The tool aggregates the individual pupil vulnerability profiles of the children so that a whole cohort or school level picture becomes apparent and can be acted upon. 
  • Effectively target resources and interventions to support the attainment and achievement of those children potentially affected by a range of vulnerability factors.
  • Provide the school with a range of key lines of enquiry to explore around potential and actual vulnerability of individuals and groups of children.
  • Identify what information is regularly and routinely captured about individuals and where systems and processes could be refined.
  • Identify gaps in knowledge where more detailed knowledge of a child’s potential vulnerability may be required.
  • Work with multi-agency partners to consider, in some depth, the challenges a child is facing and how best to put in place mitigating actions/interventions.
  • Provide detailed printed reports on individual children for transition and other purposes.

The tool can be used as:

  • strategic planning tool.
  • An individual planning tool around a child/children.
  • A tool for effectively targeting your pupil premium.
  • An evidence base e.g. for OFSTED inspections.
  • A vehicle for improving communication across the school and increasing confidence of teachers and staff in understanding vulnerability factors, effective interventions and aiding transitions across the school.
  • A catalyst for generating more informed discussion and to support collaborative working across the school and with partner organisations.
  • Supporting evidence to accompany referrals to other agencies.

We are offering schools the chance to purchase the tool with an introductory training session, comprehensive user manual and two follow up support meetings for £695.

We provide cluster options. Please see our pricing and support and contact us to discuss options further or arrange a demonstration. 

See our video section (below) which provides an overview of the tool.

"Differences in children’s outcomes have been shown to emerge early in life, and to be linked to both family circumstances, such as social disadvantage, and parenting behaviours, such as parenting style and activities with the child."

Interface are trusted by…

How refreshing it is to see a company put together a package that clearly demonstrates that you have worked in this field and produced a tool that can actually evidence what work we do.

Joanne Aston