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Selection and recruitment support

Getting the right staff is crucial to service success. 

Our associates have experience of working in, understanding and interpreting the needs of services. We have innovative tools and approaches to support the recruitment process.  We assess workers to ensure their skills, knowledge and attitudes fit the role.

Selection centre day

Our selection centre days involve a bespoke programme of activities designed with you to provide:

  • an opportunity to compare candidates' abilities across a range of standardised situations
  • a fairer method of recruitment than interview alone
  • a means of evaluating skills for success using a range of activities drawn from your job description, personal statement and competency framework
  • a chance to assess workers to ensure the right fit for the role in terms of skills, knowledge and attitudes
  • input from trained assessors - impartial and objective

Candidates will be expected to participate in a variety of selection tasks. These will be organisation and/or role specific and may include questionnaires, presentations, group exercises and competency-based interviews.