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Service Redesign

We employ a range of service design techniques to assist organisations in re-working their interventions so that they are effective for individuals, children and families.  The techniques and tools we apply capture the knowledge and insights of those who already work with your services, including managers, front-line practitioner partners and service users. The advantage of such an approach is that services and processes are uniquely tailored to your community, organisation and local settings, rather than a ‘one size fits all’ solution.

We are particularly experienced in providing service redesign around Family Hubs, Early Help and Public Health. 

Our service redesign will be a supportive, collaborative, inclusive, sustainable and mutually beneficial process for the services as well as for children and families themselves.

We can provide facilitated workshops and further detailed work around governance, leadership, customer journey mapping, workforce development, data management and much more.

Recent service redesign projects that Interface have completed have included the following:

  • Scoping existing provision: How successful is the service at achieving outcomes for children, individuals and families and how cost effective is it?
  • Mapping existing provision, including internal, external partnerships and voluntary and community services.
  • Reviewing and/or redesigning pathways for professionals and families to access service at the right level of support.
  • Ensuring service provision is available for all priority concerns at every level of need, linking provision together to ensure sustainability of support and prevent ‘revolving door’ effects.
  • Monitoring new services to ensure they embed effectively and are delivering quality whole family provision.
  • Ensuring all services have understanding of a wider strategy in delivering to all needs within families, regardless of their primary concern and expertise.
  • Delivery of multi agency workshops that engage teams in the development of new services and to highlight ‘change champions’.
  • Development of a steering group and partnership governance including terms of reference and high level actions plans.
  • Development of workstream groups including terms of reference and focused action plans.

Case Studies