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Embedding Trauma Informed Practice

We have an excellent national reputation for our knowledge and support around embedding Trauma Informed Practice and a highly experienced team who are able to provide bespoke support packages.

In addition to our comprehensive training programmes (see here) we can provide a tailored support packages to help you to:

  • achieve change to develop a trauma informed culture across organisations
  • inform and support the development of trauma informed policies, systems and approaches to build organisational and individual resilience.
  • consider how to create and work within a trauma informed framework – Recognise, Respond, Avoid re-traumatisation, Build Resilience.
  • use the knowledge you have around ACE's to build systems and processes to support you work with clients
  • identify gaps in your ability to apply theoretical information to your daily interactions with clients
  • support staff and leaders to create a culture change using a trauma informed lens
  • build a toolkit of resources and strategies to support family and individual resilience and enhance relationships.
  • identify and reduce secondary stress.
  • create systemic and trauma informed approaches to building resilience.

Building knowledge across the workforce is an essential element of this and we have worked with areas to train their workforce in understanding what trauma looks like, how to avoid re-traumatisation and build effective relationships that offer safety and an opportunity to build resilience. See our training offer here.

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