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Unconscious Bias Training & Workshop

We will be providing you with some training and a workshop for senior leaders around unconscious bias.

As a leadership team we believe that in addition to the ‘training’ element (understanding what unconscious bias is, types of UB, understanding institutional bias etc.) that you will benefit from having some time together to think about the needs of your trust and what needs to happen next. We are therefore offering a mixture of:

  • Individual online learning
  • The Harvard online test
  • Interactive facilitated workshop

What it entails?

1. Each if you will carry out 2 modules, each lasting no more than 15 minutes individually online. These are be pre-recorded videos providing information covering:

Module 1 content:

  • What is bias
  • What is Unconscious Bias
  • Types of Unconscious Bias
  • Groups affected

Module 2 content:

  • What is institutional bias
  • Statistics and health warnings
  • Examples and impact

The links to access the videos can be found in the password restricted area.

2. You are invited to each carry out one of the Harvard IAT tests prior to attending the workshop on 3rd September. This is free and provided by Harvard University. It looks at attitudes or beliefs about topics and provides some useful information about individuals. The link can also be found in the password restricted area.


Please could you undertake the above 3 activities before we meet with you

 3. We will be with you on 3rd September for the day to run a workshop where we will look at:

  1. Personal experiences of bias and its impact
  2. Triggers and cues
  3. Strategies to counter Unconscious Bias on an individual level
  4. Strategies to counter Unconscious Bias on an institutional level
  • Declaration of intent – the vision statement
  • Holding people to account
  • Staff support and supervision
  • Policies, strategies including recruitment, training and support
  • Behaviours and attitudes

In preparation for the workshop we ask you to:

‘Think about a time when you or someone close to you has been impacted by UB and be prepared to share, not what happened, but how you felt’.

We look forward to meeting you all.