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£150m eating disorder fund to focus on prevention

The government is to invest £150m in community-based eating disorder services for children and young people over the next five years. This will help pay for the introduction of new waiting time standards for eating disorder services by 2016 and shift the focus of treatment to early intervention. 

The government hopes the measures will reduce the number of young people with an eating disorder who need to be transferred to adult services, improve transition to adult services for those who need it and help establish a more standardised level of provision across England.

Nick Clegg said: “Too often children with mental health problems are being completely let down, with many suffering from eating disorders that go unreported and untreated. We know that if an eating disorder goes untreated for more than three to five years, the chances of recovery are greatly reduced, while incidents of self-harm increase. That’s why we need to act now to transform the current system, intervening earlier with dedicated and targeted community-based services to ensure we don’t fail this generation or the next.”