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ADCS President calls for the re-setting of the role of children & youth health services.

ADCS President, Rachel Dickinson has called for a major overhaul of health services that are failing young people.

In a new positioning paper, ‘A health care system that works for all children’, the Association points to the widening of social inequality in the UK which, it says ‘has become a definitive barrier to achieving improved health and is damaging the health of the nation’s children and young people’.

Whilst it welcomes the recently published NHS England Long Term Plan, it calls for ‘more to be done to ensure that children are front and centre of the transformation of our health services and that such services work in an integrated way with education and social care services to meet the holistic needs of children’.

Dickinson said that services offering mental health support were particularly letting children down and has called for more Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services (CAMHS) to extend their reach to 18-years-olds or even to 25.

‘Too many CAMHS services stop at age 16 and adult mental health services start age 18 – tough luck if you are 17’, she said.

The paper concludes ‘ADCS members believe that now, more than ever, there is a real need for a national commitment to ensure that the NHS of the future has children at it’s heart and children’s health and wellbeing services are given parity with those of older people’.

Read the full paper here