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ADCS response to the NICE guideline on child abuse and neglect

NICE was tasked by the Departments for Education and Health in 2014 to produce a guideline on abuse and neglect for professionals working with children and young people across schools and early years, social care, medical centres and custodial settings. It encompasses physical, emotional and sexual abuse, including sexual exploitation, child trafficking and forced marriage, as well as neglect.

The Association of Directors of Children's Services (ADCS) says that the remit is too wide and it has highlighted a number of concerns with the draft.

Firstly that it is way "too long" and broad. In particular specific advice on identifying child neglect is "too simplistic" and fails to take into account wider factors such as poor housing that can impact on family life.

They also criticise the advice on the links between sexual abuse and emotional or behavioural problems as this ignores male victims when studies have shown that 30% of referrals involve boys and young men.

They also state that there is too much focus on evidence from the US and not enough UK-based guidance and evidence.

See the full response here.