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Babies needs being overlooked in Covid 19 response

A new report by the First 1001 Days Movement suggests that the needs of babies are being neglected during lockdown.

The study suggests that the hidden harms towards children 0-2 in the first lockdown were “broad and significant, and experienced unevenly depending on family circumstances and background.

The survey of more than 260 providers of services for the 0-2 year old age group found that services were significantly depleted during the lockdown with almost 18 per cent ceasing to provide any services at all.

Evidence was uncovered suggesting that “historically inadequate or insecure funding, and a rising tide of need,  inhibited the ability of some services and areas to respond to the coronavirus crisis.”

The report says “This research shows, yet again, that babies' needs are often not prioritised by decision makers, despite the increased vulnerability of infancy and the enormous importance of early childhood development. There continues to be a 'baby blind-spot'.

The report calls upon Andrea Leadsom's review on early years healthy development to grasp important opportunities to improve and invest in systems that support the first 1001 days as, as the report says, “more than ever, babies cannot wait.”

Read the full report here