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Better safeguarding leads to reduction in violent injuries

Injuries to children and young people recorded by health services in England and Wales fell 18% in 2014 according to research by Cardiff University. 

The lead author of the study and director of the violence research group at Cardiff University, said improved child protection procedures across health, social care and justice settings are a key factor in the decline.

He said: “Attacks against children and adolescents are down by nearly a fifth. This trend could be attributed to a number of things from improved child safeguarding policies in the wake of the Baby Peter tragedy to increased information sharing on community violence between the NHS, police and local government.”

The report notes that the rate of decline of violence against children and young people is almost double the 10 per cent fall in injuries caused by violent attacks overall.  The figures were gathered from a sample of information from 117 health settings in 2014.

See the report by Cardiff University.