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Call for urgent action to address inequality comes from ADCS President

ADCS President, Jenny Coles, has challenged the government to address financial, social and educational inequality as a priority as the country exits lockdown.

In an opening speech made at the ADCS Annual Conference, Coles highlighted how the pandemic has shone a “spotlight on inequalities and social injustice in our society", drawing specific attention to figures from the government’s Social Mobility Commission which predict 600,000 more families will fall into poverty in the next few months.

She said “Without urgent action to protect families from the financial hardship caused by the pandemic, this would bring the total number of children living in poverty in the UK to 4.5 million by the end of this year”

Going on the challenge the government to “be ambitious for children and families and support them to thrive, not just survive in a post-Covid-19 world” she restated the commitment of the ADCS to making this a country that works for all children.

“ADCS believes that care should: protect children and young people from significant harm; address a child’s basic need for good parenting; and improve the outcomes of vulnerable children and young people. If these are the outcomes we seek to achieve, what then are the most effective means of doing so? National policy, media and public discourse are largely focussed on individual aspects of the placement conundrum – we focus too much on where children live rather than focussing on meeting their specific and individual needs” she said.

Read the full speech here.