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Calls to improve mental health services for adopted children

Adoption charity, Adoption UK, has called on the government to provide more mental health support to adopted children.

In its latest report, ‘Giving adopted children an equal chance of good health’, the charity notes the significant mental health challenges faced by adopted children with three quarters suffering significant trauma in their birth families. These children then spend an average of 15 months in care –  experiences which, they say, cast shadows that can last a lifetime

The report states “t when the right support is forthcoming, it can be transformative. Our experience working with adoptive families tells us that the keys to protecting mental health are to intervene early, to embed mental health support into front line services and to make sure people are well supported in the transition from childhood to adulthood.”

The charity is calling for urgent action to protect adopted children’s mental health through early access to support for adoptive families, the embedding of mental health services in frontline services including schools, youth clubs and adoption teams and through key improvements to reduce what it terms the ‘cliff edge’ effect during transition from services for children and adolescents to those for adults.

Read the report here.