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Care Review publishes first report laying out the case for key reforms to the children's social care system

The Independent Review of Children’s Social Care has published it’s first report, ‘A Case for Change’. The report advocates for more support in keeping families together as opposed to launching safeguarding and child protection investigations, noting that last year 135,000 were launched which resulted in no child protection plans.

Josh McAllister, chair of the review said “At present the system is under significant strain: more families are being investigated, more children are in care and costs are spiralling as money is increasingly spent on crisis intervention.

The review has consistently heard from parents and families who came to social care looking for support, but their experience of being assessed added stress to an already difficult situation without meaningful support being offered. In part, this is because there are fewer local services to support families

Investing in family help matters – but more money alone is not a silver bullet. There must be a clearer definition of what ‘family help’ is, it must be high quality, based on good evidence and those doing this work must be confident holding risk.”

Read the full report here.