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Charity seeks councils to work with in partnership to support disadvantaged children

Innovation charity Nesta has called for expressions of interest from councils to form an innovation partnership to help improve outcomes for children from low income backgrounds.

The charity, was formed in 1998 to support innovation that benefits society with a vision to improve the lives of millions of people by 2030. Nesta’s aim is for every child to have the fairest possible start in life, so they can thrive and realise their potential.

The partnership would be a long-term (3-5 years) close collaboration between Nesta and local areas described as an equal partnership with a shared commitment to pursuing a measurable improvement in outcomes for children.

Applications are sought from local areas across England, Scotland and Wales with focus on:

  • Identification of areas:
    • Where the work could make a big impact.
    • Where there is commitment to collaborate from key local partners recognising that good collaboration would be needed at a local level between a variety of partner agencies (e.g. the local authority, health, nurseries, schools and the community and voluntary sector).
    • With assurance that local partners would have the capacity to collaborate on the work and with a commitment to promote equity, diversity and inclusion through the partnership.

Following the application process, five councils will be shortlisted for a three-month trial. Then up to three councils will be selected for the partnerships with the charity, for between three to five years. A total of £200,000 is being made available in the first year with further funding to follow thereafter.

The deadline for applications has been set for 23 December and Nesta will holding a webinar for anyone interested on 17 November.

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