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Children Society Report on failings for migrant children

A report by The Children's Society found that thousands of migrant children entering the UK on their own are being failed by government because they are not getting long-term support and that they are left "destitute and in limbo" on leaving the care system when they turned 18.

Meanwhile, many legal cases were not given proper consideration, with practitioners stating that grounds for appeal in immigration cases, where present, are often not pursued.

“As a result, children face an ad-hoc system to determine what will happen to them as they approach adulthood, based on their immigration status rather than their needs. This violates the government’s commitment under the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child to prioritise children’s welfare. The young people we interviewed expressed feelings of being stuck and in limbo, feelings of frustration, anger and anxiety. They repeatedly talked about being unable to work leaving them feeling powerless."

The Children’s Society is calling on the government to develop a strategy to find a solution for separated children in England that reflects the child’s rights.