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Children’s Commissioner calls for children to be prioritised in any future lockdown

Children’s Commissioner, Anne Longfield has called for the government to put children “at the heart” of any future lockdown decisions.

In a recent briefing the Commissioner has called for education to be prioritised over other sectors with decisions of any full lockdown to “balance the epidemiological benefit to children against the social and health costs to children of closures to schools, leisure/youth centres, etc.”

She has also called for Children’s perspectives to be better reflected in scientific and public health advice with “any measures implemented to take into account children’s needs and circumstances where they differ from those of adults.”

In addition, Longfield urges the government to continue to keep schools and early years settings open for the children of key workers and vulnerable children with clearer understanding of children who should be considered for priority support.

She states: “A concerted effort must be made through the Department for Education’s regional education and children’s teams (REACTs) to work with these families to dramatically increase attendance. The government should consult on the type of children covered by the priority list and allow more flexibility for teachers to identify children as a priority where they have concerns.”

Read the full briefing here.