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Children’s commissioner calls upon social media giants to tackle disturbing content posted on their platforms.

Ann Longfield has written an open letter to Facebook, YouTube, Snapchat and Pinterest urging them to commit to removing disturbing content that can be viewed readily by children.

The letter comes after an appeal made by the father of 14 year old Molly Russell who committed suicide after viewing content on self-harm and suicide on popular social platforms . Longfield commented that the case had highlighted "the horrific amount of disturbing content that children are accessing online".

In the letter Longfield requested the tech giants release data on the number of self-harm sites or postings hosted on their platforms and how many of these were being accessed by under-18s and under-13s.

Following up the letter Longfield tweeted

'I’ve written an open letter to the Tech giants asking them to admit there’s a problem & commit to tackling it with a legally enforceable duty of care & digital ombudsman. Children mustn’t be an afterthought. Social media giants must be told to protect children from 'disturbing content'.