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Children’s Commissioner claims young peoples rights actively downgraded during lockdown

Children’s Commissioner, Ann Longfield, has published a damning report on the government’s response to the Covid crisis and it’s impact on young people.

In the report, titled Childhood in the time of Covid, Longfield calls for a comprehensive recovery package for children and provides a roadmap for what should be done to help children to recover from their experiences of the last six months and the ongoing crisis.

She argues that central to this package must be significant investment in early help for families starting from the early years. The report says the nation’s efforts to ‘build back better’ must begin with a focus on children, ‘sometimes sadly lacking’ during the pandemic. Should there be more lockdowns, the report calls on children’s needs to come first.

The report also warns that faced with the spectre of a winter of Covid-related restrictions across society, followed by a long economic tail including widespread unemployment of the type not seen by the 1980s, the country faces an inter-generational crisis, with the impact of the economic fall-out on parents determining the future prospects of their children, destroying the Government’s promises to ‘level-up’ opportunity.

Read the report here.