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Children’s Commissioner sets out six core demands on government for a more child, and family focused society.

Children’s Commissioner for England, Anne Longfield, has called on the Government and all political parties to adopt six key strategies in their political manifesto to improve the lives of children today.

The publication, Guess How Much We Love You – a Manifesto for Children, names the following core demands:

1. Extend and expand the Troubled Families Programme or equivalent system of family support

2. Base a CAMHS counsellor in every school

3. Provide fully funded help for children with special needs

4. Open schools in evenings, weekends and holidays

5. Base Police officers and youth workers in schools

6. Establish a Cabinet Committee for children

Longfield writes “I’ve been shocked by how frightened children routinely say they are today….. many of the people and places that used to be available to kids in the past…no longer exist. We must fix this.”

Read the full document here