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Children’s Commissioner warns that 120,000 teenagers risk ‘falling off the radar’

Children’s Commissioner, Anne Longfield, has released a new report highlighting the risk of teenagers falling through the gaps as the country exits lockdown.

As many as one in 25 teenagers were already considered to be at risk of dropping out of education or going missing from care, then becoming “easy prey” for criminal gangs before the Covid-19 pandemic.

The new analysis suggests that the absence of six months of school attendance could leave even more children failing to return to full-time training or education without urgent support over the summer break.

The report suggests that teenagers in Liverpool, Medway and Blackpool are particularly vulnerable.

Longfield has called upon agencies to work together to stop these vulnerable children getting involved in criminal gangs. She said ““A whole generation of vulnerable teens could stay at risk of educational failure and unemployment, or crime or exploitation,”

“We must not look back in five years at a generation of vulnerable teenagers who fell out of society and ended up drifting into crime and unemployment. They need extra help now as we emerge from lockdown.”

Read the full report here