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Commons Select Committee suggests Government is failing to tackle social injustice in early years education.

A report by a committee of MP’s suggests there is little strategic direction to Government policy on early years and puts forward recommendations for change.

As well as highlighting the Government’s failure to publish the life chances strategy, it also indicates that the social mobility action plan did not fully address the role played by the early years and suggests that the Government’s flagship 30 hours childcare policy appears to be entrenching disadvantage.

The report sets out specific recommendations in what are thought to be the two key areas affecting life chances; quality early years education and a strong home learning environment.

Included is a recommendation that the Government should review its 30 hours childcare policy to address what it calls the ‘perverse consequences’ for disadvantaged children.

The Committee suggests that the earnings cap for the 30 hours childcare should be reduced with the extra funding released used to provide early education for disadvantaged children.

Read the full report here