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Cost Benefit Analysis of Interventions with Parents

It is clear that parenting plays a crucial role in determining the outcomes of children. However, it is less clear as to the transmission mechanisms by which parental attributes or behaviours impact on the outcomes of children and to what extent the government has any influence over these transmission mechanisms.

The focus of this review is on interventions targeted directly at parents, with the objective of directly or indirectly affecting child outcomes. This covers a wide range of policy initiatives, ranging from those aimed at increasing household income and employment rates, to those interventions aimed at changing parenting behaviour or increasing parenting skills.

The core focus is to analyse the academic literature relating to the relative costs and benefits of parenting interventions. The review, summarised in this brief, aims to identify the recent and relevant research in the area and also some of the evidence gaps that continue to be faced by policy makers.


  • Aims and Objectives
  • Key Findings
  • Methodology
  • Main Findings
  • Conclusions and Implications
  • Additional Information