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Council announces ‘new way’ of delivering youth support services

Shropshire Council has announced a £365,000 overhaul of youth services which will provide increased support for vulnerable young people.

Under the new arrangements there will be both targeted support through outreach/detached youth work (meeting young people wherever they are, in schools and in places where they choose to congregate) and open access clubs, whilst building a trusted and appropriate network of youth support across Shropshire.  

Going forward the council will be asking town and parish councils to fund open access youth clubs, so that funding can be redirected to target those most vulnerable. This will be used to pay for the team of youth workers who will provide an element of detached youth work across the county.

Ed Potter, Shropshire Council’s Cabinet member for children’s services, said:

“Our aim is to strengthen and grow the current limited offer of support, extending the focus to incorporate Shropshire’s troubled and more vulnerable young people involved in youth crime, at risk of school exclusion and exploitation.

“With an increase in youth crime, exploitation and demand on children’s social care, there is a growing focus nationally on the work councils need to undertake to ensure the most vulnerable young people can access and receive the support they need”.