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Council plans to cut 160 jobs from services supporting vulnerable children and young people.

Derbyshire County Council has announced plans to cut £8.6m from its early help budget over the next 5 years resulting in the loss of 160 full time equivalent posts working in the field.

Under the plans the council will cut back services currently provided to around 4000 children and families and focus "on those who most need help to prevent harm to children, reduce family conflict and breakdown and to help parenting and family functioning". Schools, health and voluntary organisations will be expected to step in to provide less targeted early help support.

The council will end all funding to generic youth activity clubs, such as drop in groups, and concentrate on individuals and peer-groups helping the most vulnerable. It will also end careers information provision, and advice and guidance for most 14 to 18 year olds.

New grants and support, however, will be available to encourage community leaders and parents to set up youth activity groups.