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Council’s Children’s Services receives praise for its response during the pandemic

Wandsworth Children’s Services has been praised by Ofsted for its agile response during the Covid 19 crisis.

The council, which experienced higher than average levels of Covid 19 infection, was praised for it’s ‘strong commitment and investment’ by Ofsted inspectors during a focused review of services targeted at children in need and children subject to a child protection plan.

In a letter outlining the findings Ofsted reported that the council had “planned and delivered a well-coordinated and effective response to the pandemic”. It also recorded that the council’s actions had been “timely and well considered, with an appropriate focus on supporting the most vulnerable”.

The letter continues “despite the wider challenges presented by the pandemic, investment and support for children’s services have been consistently prioritised. Partners feel listened to and their views valued. They report feeling more a part of the safeguarding system than they have done previously”.

Read the full letter here.