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Councils to share £4.5m to support children of alcoholic dependent parents

The government has announced that nine councils will share a fund of £4.5m to support children of alcoholic dependent parents. 

The fund is being provided through the Innovation Fund for Children of Dependent Drinkers and will be used to run projects with a "new and creative approach" to tackling issues faced by families affected by alcohol.

It is estimated that 200,000 children are impacted in England alone and these projects will hopefully help identify more children and parents affected by alcohol, increase the number of parents receiving treatment for their addiction and reduce parental conflict.

The following 4 local authorities are included in the list to benefit: 

Knowsley Council which will train 1,000 professionals to identify potential alcohol dependent parents with an objective of seeing a 20 per cent increase in the number of alcohol dependent parents receiving treatment over a 12-month period.

West Sussex County Council which will offer therapy to children, young people and parents and provide pre-birth support to 50 families at risk of a children's social care intervention.

North Tyneside Council which hopes to double the number of children who are identified as living with alcoholic parents and increase the number of parents receiving treatment by 50 per cent.

Swindon Borough Council, which has announced plans to use the funding to run a parenting programme for 840 parents and help 370 children with alcoholic parents.

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