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CPD Certification Service confirms accreditation of an Interface skills-based course

The UK’s leading independent CPD accreditation institution has granted accreditation to Interface’s Family Group Conferences course

The Service, established in 1996 and the leading accreditation institution operating across all industry sectors in the UK, was quick to provide it’s accreditation of Interface’s Family Group Conferences course which we have been delivering successfully for some time. The process included a comprehensive review of the course programme and course materials and gives an independent confirmation of the quality of the programme.

Interface Managing Director, Wendy Weal said ‘We are really excited to be able to confirm our Family Group Conferences course has met the high standards set by the CPD Certification Service. As an established training provider operating across the UK we have noticed an increasing expectation from our clients that our courses should be independently validated and this marks the first step on our programme to get similar accreditation for all of our most popular skills-based courses over the next 12 months or so’.

She added ‘We have already started the process of gaining accreditation of our Motivational Interviewing, Trauma Informed Practice and Staff Supervision courses and more will follow."

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