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Culture Change Programme – A Fairer Start

The training is an element of the A Fairer Start (AFS) programme which recognises that the first few years of a child’s life are crucial to their development, A Fairer Start aims to ensure that every child has the best start in life. Evidence shows that investing in early years improves social, emotional, physical development of children and has an impact on their education, health & wellbeing right through to adulthood.

It is a 3 year pilot currently funded by Stockton Borough Council Public Health and NHS Hartlepool & Stockton-on-Tees CCG. The work is led by the Voluntary, Community & Social Enterprise Sector through Catalyst.

A Fairer Start focusses on improving 3 Key outcomes for 0-3 year olds living in the STC ward, with an overarching aim for all children to be ‘School Ready’ by the age of five:

  • Improving child and maternal nutrition
  • Improving cognitive, social and emotional development
  • Improving communication skills and speech and language

We will be supporting workforce development by providing a culture change programme including workshops on:

  • Behaviour, Communication and Principles of Good Practice
  • Working With
  • Managing Self

 For more information on the fairer start programme see here.