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DCLG to fund community role in delivering children's services

The Department for Communities and Local Government (DCLG) is to fund around 25 local authorities to develop new ways to deliver services at neighbourhood level, working with local people and organisations to find "innovative" solutions to local problems. 

Children's services is one of three areas the DCLG's Delivering Differently in Neighbourhood programme is to prioritise, along with adult social care, and environment and culture services. 

The programme prospectus lists child sexual exploitation, children's disability services, early help and forced marriage prevention for young people as examples of services that authorities could develop projects around. 

They are keen to fund projects that seek to devolve greater responsibility to parish and town councils.

Each successful bid will receive an unringfenced grant of up to £90,000. DCLG will also offer support to develop feasibility studies for projects, an implementation plan and cost-benefit analysis model. 

Expressions of interest should be made by 15 December.