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Dentists urge action over 'crisis' in child dental health

Dentists are warning of a "crisis" in child dental after new figures revealed that thousands of children in England had to have decaying teeth removed last year.

  1. New figures showed that in 2014/15 over 179,218 teeth were removed in children aged nine and under in dental practices across England, the British Dental Association (BDA) said.
  2. This statistic is on top of the thousands of young children who have had decayed teeth removed in England's hospitals.
  3. We already know that tooth decay is the number one reason why children are admitted to hospital, costing the NHS around £35 million a year.
  4. However, a less well-known factor until the BDA's disclosure today is that the vast majority of rotten teeth are removed in dental practices around the country. Why are we carrying out extractions, when we should be saving pain and money by aiming to keep healthy teeth in healthy mouths?

 Henrik Overgaard-Nielsen, British Dental Association

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