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Directors of children's services (DCSs) face a fight to protect their role.

Ahead of his appointment as ADCS vice president Dave Hill, (Essex County Council) said the tipping point, whereby there are fewer "pure" DCSs than twin hatters has been reached.

He says more authorities have pursued the trend in the past six months.

 “I feel that with a lot of us now being responsible for both children’s and adults services we are at a key moment in our history. With the general election coming it is a time of tremendous change and I’m excited to put my hat in the ring.”

The ADCS has huge work to do to make sure the position is not eroded,” he said.

“I still feel passionately that having one person, even if they have two hats, has been a major success over the past 10 years.


His pledge comes after the chief executives group Solace called for it to be scrapped last May.

 He is also keen to focus efforts on three further areas:

  • creative solutions in the face of economic adversity
  • continuing with social work reform so professionals are “less burdened with bureaucracy” and more able to work more directly with children and families
  • and seeking clarity around the role of local authorities in education.