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Duchess of Cambridge releases findings from Early Years research

The Duchess of Cambridge has unveiled the findings of the biggest ever UK study on the early years.

The Ipsos MORI research, commissioned by the Royal Foundation, reveals what the UK thinks about the early years. It also explores how COVID-19 has impacted the perceptions and experiences of parents and carers of the under-fives.

In January Her Royal Highness asked the general public for their views – sparking a national conversation on the early years through the ‘5 Big Questions on the Under Fives’ survey, which attracted over half  a million responses, making it the biggest ever survey of its kind.

The studies have generated the following #5BigInsights:

  1. People overwhelmingly believe that a child’s future is not pre-determined at birth. However, most people don’t understand the specific importance of early years. 
  2. The reality of life makes it hard for parents to prioritise their wellbeing. 
  3. Feeling judged by others can make a bad situation worse. 
  4. People have been separated from family and friends during the pandemic and at the same time parental loneliness has dramatically increased, disturbingly people are also less willing to seek help for how they’re feeling. 
  5. During the Covid 19 pandemic, support from local communities has substantially increased for many, but not for all. 

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