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DWP announces awards from £2.2m fund to support parental conflict reduction projects.

The Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) has announced that ten projects aimed at tackling parental conflict within disadvantaged families will benefit from £2.2m funding as part of the wider £39m Reducing Parental Conflict Programme (RPCP).

Organisations set to benefit from the awards include:

The Good Things Foundation who will look to use the money to improve digital access and support aimed at low income families.

Relate who will target the funds on schemes to help ex-offenders integrate back into their family homes.

Action for Children who will explore technologies which will better engage families in conflict and

The Tavistock Institute who will develop therapies for parents in conflict who have poor mental health or learning difficulties.

Other schemes will focus on Family mediation and counselling to prevent family conflict escalating into court proceedings,  supporting families, in particular fathers, who have drug or alcohol problems and the development and testing of new parenting courses.

Evidence will be gathered from the projects to ‘inform future policy and practice and help local areas support a greater number of disadvantaged families at risk of parental conflict’.