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Early Intervention Foundation highlights how local authorities approach evaluation, and how they can start to tackle the challenges that arise.

The Early Intervention Foundation (EIF) have released two case studies which provide a useful insight into the issues local authorities face in evaluating early intervention services, with specific ideas on how to address some of the challenges which arise.

Speaking in his blog, Tom McBride, Director of Evidence at the EIF said:

‘It is important that those involved in overseeing or delivering early intervention services locally have the confidence and tools they need to generate their own evidence or commission evaluation of the services they are delivering. This can be difficult to find time for, up against the pressures of service delivery, but those working locally have a crucial role to play as active participants in building the evidence for early intervention in the UK as a whole.

At EIF we are working to support local capacity to generate useful evidence and will be continuing to offer advice and opportunities to partner with us.

We are keen to understand how local authorities approach the task of evaluating their early intervention and related services, and the barriers and challenges they run into along the way.’ 

 Read the case studies here