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Early Intervention Foundation puts focus on its Reducing Parental Conflict Hub.

The Early Intervention Foundation (EIF) has developed a new forum to help reduce the impact of parental conflict on children.

The hub is for local leaders, commissioners, practitioners and researchers who are looking to reduce the impact of parental conflict on children. It provides a central repository of key 'what works' evidence and tools, including why parental conflict matters for children's outcomes, and guidance on how to take action.

The EIF said “There is strong evidence that conflict between parents – whether together or separated – can have a significant negative impact on children's mental health and long-term life-chances.

Addressing couple conflict and the quality of parental relationships is a critical component of improving outcomes for children. Parenting interventions for families in the context of ongoing parental conflict are unlikely to be effective or improve outcomes for children.”

The hub will continue to grow as new evidence and tools are created.

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