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Education Committee announces inquiry to examine what is needed from the children's social care workforce.

A new inquiry has been launched to understand what is needed from social work, and by social workers, to ensure children and families are given the best possible help, support, and protection.

The Committee will explore issues around the capacity of social workers to intervene early to provide support and how effectively social workers can access professional development and support.

The inquiry will also look at how initiatives and reforms to social work training have impacted on the workforce and how far social workers are supported to uphold their responsibilities under relevant legislation.

Education Committee chair, Richard Halfon said “Reports suggest that children are under increasing pressures as they grow up, facing up to a rise in mental health problems, a rise in knife crime and serious violence, and experiencing a range of challenges in areas such as social media use. We want to explore what social work looks like in 2019 and examine the skills and support that social workers need to keep children and young people safe from harm and to help them grow up to thrive as adults”.

The Committee is inviting written submissions addressing the following questions:

  • What is needed from social work, and by social workers in 2019
  • The capacity and ability of social workers to: 
    o Intervene early to help, support and protect children and their families 
    o Uphold their responsibilities under relevant legislation 
    o Access appropriate and meaningful professional development and support; and 
    o Work with other professionals who play a role in the care of children within the education and health systems
  • How initiatives and reforms to social work training have impacted on the social work workforce. 

The deadline for written evidence submissions is Friday 30 August. 

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