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Evidence starts to emerge regarding the impact of Covid 19 on children’s services

The Children’s Society has started to release findings from its ongoing survey on the effects the Pandemic is having on services for children and young people.

The research, which the Children’s Society is conducting in partnership with a number of organisations across the children’s sector, allows professionals working to provide children’s services to highlight the issues arising in the course of this work and how these challenges may be impacting on more at-risk or disadvantaged children and young people.

Whilst the research is still open, evidence from 122 frontline workers who have already completed the survey have highlighted how the crisis is leading to Increased safeguarding risks, difficulties accessing support whilst impacting on the mental health of children and young people.

The survey also notes areas of increased pressure on the families practitioners are supporting during the pandemic.

A number of respondees have indicated difficulties they have had in reaching children in need of support in view of the low numbers of vulnerable children in schools, the absence of suitable personal protective equipment (PPE) and inadequate digital access both for professionals and families.

Access to the survey can be found here.