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Former Children’s Minister calls for the introduction of local domestic abuse commissioners.

Tim Loughton, has called for the introduction of local domestic abuse commissioners to ensure councils provide proper protection to children and families.

Whilst expressing delight at the recent voting through of the new Domestic Abuse Bill, Loughton said he believed the legislation should go further to ensure councils give proper support to victims, particularly children at risk from living in violent households.

During a debate on the bill in the House of Commons Loughton said ‘”I welcome the national domestic abuse commissioner, but there is also a case for local domestic abuse commissioners - high-profile figures who can ensure that local authorities are living up to their duties to provide a local service.”

"We need to embed in local authority delivery domestic abuse specialists able to draw together all the agencies involved to ensure an effective and comprehensive local offer.”

He also called for better child protection to feature more prominently in the bill acknowledging that domestic abuse is the single most common factor leading to a child requiring support from local authority children’s services.