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‘Fundamental’ review of Ofsted early years inspections needed

As part of a range of demands being made to the new Conservative government, the Pre-School Learning Alliance wants the way inspections are conducted to be changed.

They argue that “A strong early years sector needs a robust, reliable inspection framework. Over recent years, however, confidence in Ofsted has fallen following increasingly frequent reports of unfair judgements, under-qualified inspectors and generally unpleasant inspection experiences.

They are asking for:

  • the introduction of independent provider representation at both the quality assurance stage of inspections and the first stage of the appeals process
  • the government to implement legislation set out in the Children and Families Act 2014 that would allow settings to request a re-inspection if it is not happy with its grade
  • abandon new tests of children’s "school effectiveness" during their first term of reception
  • retention of the  Early Years Foundation Stage Profile, which offers a broader assessment of children’s abilities including a stronger focus on play