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Government announces £20m package to tackle county lines.

Home Secretary, Priti Patel, has announced an additional £20m package of measures to ‘crack down’ on county lines drugs gangs.

The new package of investment includes the development of an expanded national specialist support service to help young people and their families exit their involvement in county lines.

It will also expand the National County Lines Co-ordination Centre which has co-ordinated action leading to over 1,800 arrests and has safeguarded over 2,400 vulnerable people – including more than 1,000 children since it opened a year ago.

Other measures include:

The introduction of additional British Transport Police teams that will work exclusively on county lines and be based at a number of railway stations across England that are key hubs for county lines drug trafficking.

Use of enhanced data analysis using automatic number plate recognition (ANPR) to enable police to proactively target vehicles suspected of being used in county lines activity.

The intensification of operations to identify opportunities to take action against money service bureaus, enabling increased cash seizures and arrests for money laundering.

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